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Elite Systems are legendary for their contribution to the world of video & computer games around the world, from the early days of the Sinclair Spectrum (1980's) right up to current day smash hit mobile device releases.

Trivia: In 1984, its year of incorporation, Elite was a principal pioneer of the concept of combining game software and intellectual property. Since then Elite has developed some 75+ game titles comprising some 200+ product s.k.u's, whilst working with a multitude of leading global brands.

Above: Scaled down screen-shot of the site's front page along with our opening portrait photo

We were thrilled to be approached by Elite, (especially since we spent a good part of our youth playing many of their smash-hit game titles!). Following rewarding discussions we began the task of creating a truly multifaceted bespoke Web presence comprising of a multitude of individual custom crafted components and features:

Intelligent content planning: After reviewing Elite's significant amount of potential content it was decided that their online presence should chiefly comprise of THREE key areas: This would include an 'End User' area for customers, a corporate partner area, and numerous individual game microsites designed to briefly showcase each current game release.

Before we begin to even contemplate the design or structure of any Website we carefully address the issue of how the content will be suitably organised and eventually presented online.

Good content planning ensures that we design accessible Websites with clear-cut navigation and uncomplicated well laid out structures. As a result visitors are able to find the information they want without any apprehension, delay or frustration.

Original custom design & build: Embracing Elite's existing well known logo design and all of their specific requirements, our goal was to create an engaging and friendly online presence that serve as an attractive and valuable resource for both end users and also corporate partners.

As with all of our work, this site and all of its various elements were all painstakingly custom crafted from the ground up to encompass our clients every need.

Custom graphics and artwork: Various original key graphics & images were created for Elite.

Custom created Flash™ navigation feature: We created the main navigation using a splash animation, partly based on Elite's classic logo design.

Custom features, scripting & programming: All of our Websites utilise in-house custom written features, scripting and programming making everything work smoothly behind the scenes. Elite's online presence is no exception, consisting of many different custom crafted components, (some being accessible by end users and some only being available to specific key users). In brief, these numerous features include:

Multi-platform availability: Elite's Website is also available as WAP site facility via mobile phones.

A vast online catalogue / database: Providing visitors with details and images of many past and present game titles.

Integrated Web & WAP shop facility: Enabling customers to purchase games both online and via their mobile phone.

Various special 'active content' promotional features: Including a 'Hot Titles' promotion, News, and Recruitment.

A specialised collective data storage & sharing facility: A secure facility enabling collective product development with Elite's corporate partners based around the world.

Three different automated enquiry submission forms: Customer enquires / corporate enquiries / A&R enquiries.

A sophisticated custom tailored content management system: The majority of above features are all collectively managed via a specialised and comprehensive content management system, once again custom written entirely around Elite's needs. This facility enables Elite to manage the majority of their own online content with instant effect 24/7. Amongst just some of its features is a flexible image uploading & format conversion facility, a custom written spell checker and online help tips for every individual aspect of the CMS.

Various official game 'microsites': A continuosly growing number of official game 'microsites' have also been created (and tied in with Elite's main Website) for each new title releases, such as:
Atlantis Quest R-Type Bomb Jack Paperboy
Ikari Warriors
Chuckie Egg
Alien Vs Predator
Double Dragon EX

Accessibility testing: As with all of our Website's, we robustly tested this site at various key development stages making certain that it would be fully compatible with all popular Web browser packages, (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Netscape Navigator for example).

Ensuring the widest available audience: We understand that not all Web surfers use the same Web browser packages, screen resolution or technology, meaning that many poorly written sites cannot be properly viewed by large clusters of Web surfers. With this in mind we take great care to ensure that anything we place on the World Wide Web can be properly accessed and viewed by the widest available audience.

Web hosting and housekeeping services - an ongoing commitment: Through our own fast and reliable professional hosting services we successfully deliver the Elite Web presence around the globe.

Although Elite also have a comprehensive content management system in place, (so that they can manage their own online content), they also like to take advantage of our generous housekeeping services when they are particularly busy with critical projects. We are of course always pleased to assist with Elite's content updates as part of our standard annual hosting remit.

We perform such housekeeping services for many of our customers who find our ongoing commitment to their needs invaluable. Our response time for update requests is incredibly swift, generally within the hour or at least the same day. As well as being refreshingly responsive, our overall approach to content updates is also extremely flexible and generously accommodating within our standard and very affordable hosting / housekeeping plan. Indeed many of our clients have moved over from other service providers to us, for this rare and refreshingly receptive level of ongoing service.

Search engine optimisation: In Google, a search for the common word "elite" generally ranks this site on the FIRST PAGE and in the TOP TEN of approximately 141 MILLION other results! (A claim that not many developers can make)

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