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  • A unique multi-user time, event, task & contact management system

  • Organise your colleagues / your team, wherever they may be, & wherever you may be. (Review, share & edit events, schedules, contacts, & more)

  • Administrator features: Users given Administrator status can add, edit and delete all of the other users details in their organisation. This includes recovering & resetting passwords. (Ideal for line managers who wish to oversee & organise their entire teams work schedules)

  • Appearance: Thinktask's appearance can be personalised with your own organisations logo and colour scheme. (No need for clients, or even staff, to know that it isn't your very own custom built management system)
  • Accessibility: Online and available 24hours a day from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and Web browser

  • Zero maintenance: No need for specialised knowledge, no need to install & run expensive high maintenance software or equipment (such as MS Exchange) - WE host & maintain Thinktask, which means that you don't have to!

  • Cost effective pricing plans variable according to number of users from your organisation

  • Ideal for any small to medium business or organisation

  • Now available as a FREE trial!



Akumenta are proud to present Thinktask; A sophisticated, yet user friendly, online task, event & contact manager:

Efficiently organise daily activities, boost your productivity & keep all of your staff or colleagues informed, whatever the time, wherever in the world you, or they may be!

Created entirely in-house by Akumenta, Thinktask is a unique 'groupware' application that enables multiple users to set events & tasks for themselves & colleagues, & instantly share that information (& more) with each other.

ThinkfastThinktask is the ideal solution for any small to medium sized organisation looking for a centralised time & contact management solution. It can also be used as an extremely effective alternative to the 'Notes' & 'Calendar' features provided by far more complex, costly, & highly labour intensive products such as MS Exchange.

Unlike standard office based management applications, Thinktask can be accessed & edited from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night (as long as you have access to the Internet).

If your organisation would like a FREE TRIAL of Thinktask, just get in touch!

small business pricing structures

Max no.

£ Per person
per month
£ Per person
per annum
Total per annum
per organisation

(Thinktask service is available wherever in the world you may be, not just UK)

Comprehensive Thinktask features include:

  • SCHEDULE / EVENTS DIARY for every day, viewable in a day or week format

    • Mark events as private to prevent others seeing them

    • View other peoples diaries (except where events have been marked as 'private' by an individual)

    • Others can view but not edit or delete your events (except where events are marked private)

    • Schedule events for other people (which they can choose to accept or reject them upon receipt)

    • Events are traceable to the person who created / edited them, when, and from which computer

    • Check for busy / free periods throughout the whole organisation so events can be scheduled to the right people without conflicting

    • Schedule recurring events every day, week, month or year for yourself and others, which can then be edited together or as individual events

    • Task manager (often referred to as a 'to-do list')

    • Mark tasks as private preventing others from seeing them

    • View other peoples task lists (except where tasks are marked private)

    • Others can view but not edit or delete your tasks (except where tasks are marked private)

    • Set tasks for other people (which they can accept or reject upon receipt)

    • Set task priorities (low, medium or high) and they are displayed with highest priority at the top

    • Tasks are traceable to the person who created/edited them, when, and from which computer

    • Conveniently EXPORT your calendar / events as an MS Excel Spreadsheet

  • CONTACTS MANAGER to keep details of names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses etc.

    • Add contact details for the whole organisation to access, or mark them as private for your use only

    • Stored alphabetically so you can list them by starting letter, or view all contacts on the system (except those marked private)

    • Contacts are traceable to the person who created/edited them, when, and from which computer

    • Convenient e-mail link for each contact which opens your e-mail client

    • Administrators can edit all contacts (except for private ones) irrespective of who created the contact. Normal users can only edit their own contacts.

    • Conveniently IMPORT existing address books from MS Outlook


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